I really wish I could find the words to tell you how much I love being a missionary and love the mtc and love my district and love my companion and love the gospel and love my life. It feels SO GOOD to finally be here and to finally be a missionary. The mtc is such a special place. Just read Alma 27:17 and that’s exactly what it’s like hahahaha. There are more sisters than elders here and it’s soooo awesome. But that will change really soon. We talked to the new district that came into our zone yesterday and a lot of the elders graduated from high school 4 days ago.Mission time is honestly so trippy. Missionaries always said that and I never believed it but it’s so true. I can’t believe I’ve only been here a week. I feel like I have been here my whole life.

I am so blessed with the best district everrrrrrr. We all love each other soooo much. Apparently a lot of other districts hate each other but that’s foreign to us because I’m not even kidding when I say all of us are best friends. Except the thing is that we get along so well that we have the hardestttt time focusing during personal study time. Aaaaand going to bed on time. So yeah we’re working on that. I want to tell you all soooooo much about them. All the sisters are going to Birmingham and all the elders are going to Georgia Atlanta North. We are already so so sad the elders aren’t going to our mission. It’s going to be so sad when we have to say goodbye to them.

Sister Dustin (my companion)

Sister Tunuufi
Sister Madsen

Elder Cox (district leader)
Elder Rippstein (zone leader)

Sister Raddigan
Sister Trepanier

Elder Holt
Elder Summers

Sister Dustin is probably the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my entire life. I love her soooo much. We get along so well and I love teaching with her. She’s from Tooele and is a master cake decorator. Sister Tunuufi is from Samoa and is hilariousssss. She and I laugh so hard at everything everyone says. She tells me, "you just keep on laughing Sister Oscarson" like 80 times in a day hahaha. Sister Madsen and I are basically the same person. We wear each other’s clothes alllll the time. Love her. Elder Cox. oh my gosh. I’m not even kidding when I say he is the funniest person I have ever met in my life. He is from Korea and got baptized and moved to the US 4 years ago. You would never guess he’s only been speaking english for that long. He has the sweetest testimony of missionary work and it is so close to his heart. HE BROUGHT A RICE COOKER haaaahahahahah and one morning when we all got to class the elders were like, "we ate rice alllll night long" ahahah oh I died. Him and Elder Rippstein’s companionship is the funniest thing ever. they are as opposite as you can get and they teach sooo well together. The first time I met Elder Rippstein I totally stereotyped him as a typical jock who was only on a mission so girls would date him when he got back. But I quickly learned that I was totally wrong. The elders for real take such good care of us it’s the cutest. We are so so lucky to have them. Sister Trepanier is basically who I want to be. she is from a tinyyyyy town in Arizona and a legit cowgirl. She tells us about her horses all the time. She wants to be a livestock vet and she loves country music as much as I do. so we talk about anatomy and george strait all the time. We tight. Sister Dustin and I were called as sister training leaders for our district. I loooove our sisters soooo much and I have learned so much from this calling. Yesterday was pretty hard because one of the sisters in our district was told she has to go home. It was the saddest thing ever. But they might be giving her another chance to stay we’ll know by the end of today. Our district would be so incomplete without her. So so sad.

MTC choir lived up to all my high expectations. Literally the coolest thing ever. And get this. We’re singing a song Elder Bednar wrote the lyrics to and singing it with his grandchildren. HE’S COMING ON TUESDAY and we get to sing that song. Like you have no idea how stoked EVERYONE is for that.

I really have learned so much that it’s unreal. I can definetly tell a difference now that I’m a missionary. I think the biggest difference is how much and how differently I can love people. On our second day here we watched a video of a woman who spoke mandarin and indroduced herself. It wasn’t even a minute long and I felt so overwhelmed with love for her. It was kinda the most amazing thing. And I love our investigators sooooo much. On Tuesday we had a lesson with Jessy and she said the closing prayer and I am not kidding you when I say it was probably the happiest moment of my whole entire life. Her prayer was SO sincere and humble and the spirit was so strong and I was just SO overwhelmed with love for her. We asked her to write down all the times when she noticed God’s hand in her life and say a little prayer of gratitude. We are doing it with her and we’ll talk about it in our lesson on saturday. It has been such a cool experience doing it with her. God is so so so involved in our lives.

I think one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that it really doesn’t matter how good of a teacher you think you are. As long as the spirit is there and the investigator came closer to Christ it was successful. I doesn’t matter how awkward you thought you were or how much you stumbled over your words. Basically I’ve learned to just need to get over yourself and learn how to invite the spirit into a lesson.

ANOTHER cool thing. Just like we are proxys (proxies?) in the temple for people who can’t be there themselves, during His atonement Christ was a proxy for us. Cool, huh?

I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. I know that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be. I know that this is the Lord’s work. He is very involved in it and will not let us mess it up. no matter how bad we think we do.

All my love,
Sister Oscarson

​I saw Hermana Aamodt RIGHT after I got here on Wednesday. So cool. Love her.

​Companion love


​We have the prettiest view outside our classroom widnow. Not fair, right? Every time we have a break Sister Madsen and I stare outside and talk about how we’re going to climb that mountain when we get home.


  1. Rick Dean says:

    So great and contagious to see your excitement, thanks. Ang and family invited us to go on their Florida vacation. Due to his lupus he does not have much endurance so we help their girls a bunch. Tropical storm Colin is hitting the area so we are getting lots of rain, something you will see a lot more of than your Utah days… and the humidity, every one had curly hair today. We pray for you daily and give thanks for your great dedication and example. Love to you, Rick Dean and family


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