called to know the richness of his blessing

​Heyyyyyy life is still so good here. I feel like I’ve been here my whole life but at the same time the time is flyingggggggggg. I kinda hate it because I feel like I don’t ever want to leave the mtc.

First things first CONNER REPORTS TO THE MTC THIS WEEK!!!!!!!! I will literally miss him by 24 hours and that’s really sad but I AM SO EXCITED FOR HIM!!!!!!! I’m actually super jealous of everyone coming to the mtc soon because it’s so much fun. And thank you so much for all the letters and packages and dearelders and most importantly for all the prayers!!

Sunday devotional Sheri Dew came and it was a hugeeee spiritual feast she is the best. On Tuesday was Elder Bednar and it was the best night of everyone’s life. Sister Dustin and I sang in the choir and it was the coolest thing ever. (by the way idk why I didn’t mention this before but MY COMPANION AND I HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY how cool is that?????) He started by saying, "I am never going to give a talk of this nature or on this subject again." He talked about the principle "One by One" and went through all the times in the scriptures when Christ takes the people one by one. There were way more than I knew of and it was the coolest thing. Then he talked about how as an apostle he travels all the time for assignments and every time there is one person the Lord needs him to intersect with in that specific place. Even though he was somewhere to dedicate a temple or speak there was a single person that needed to interact with him. The Lord cares for us one by one. He mentioned that we may have been called to our specific missions to interact with one person who needs us. THEN THE COOLEST THING WAS he wrote a song that the choir sang. He said that he is not musical at all but he has had the words for this song floating around in his head for years and finally had people help him write it. No one had ever sung it before. At the end of his talk we sang it with his grandkids and I swear the spirit was tangible. He said the sheet music will be published in the New Era next month so watch for that because it’s beautiful.

And ok hahaha prayer knee is such a real thing. We pray 24/7 and we always kneel when we pray so our knees are now permanently red and a little bit sore it’s so awesome. We leave Tuesday morning so we are now the most senior district in our zone which is hilarious because we know nothing. Sister Dustin and I still get lost on a daily basis. It makes it even more funny that we’re the senior sister training leaders so we have to show the new sisters around. Hahahah poor things.

Yesterday morning we hosted the international missionaries who flew in the day before and it was the coolest thing. Sister Madsen and I hosted a sister from Taiwan and she was the sweeeeetest. She’s going to San Jose and was baptized 3 years ago and the only member in her family. The best part is that we got to take the shuttle and leave the mtc for a little bit to take her to the health clinic to get a chest xray to check for TB. Ok um yeah that’s basically my dream come true. I got to see the outside world for a little bit and health clinics are literally my favorite place. So like anything big happening in the news lately? Is donald trump still running for president? We are totally shut off from the outside world so we have no idea what’s happening.

It is so cool to see the spirit working in your investigators. Missionaries are not teachers. The missionary purpose never says "teach." It says "invite" and "help." All we are doing is helping them use the tools they have to connect to the spirit and come closer to Christ. Their spirit already knows these things are true. They already accepted these things and they just need to be reminded.

I’ve only been a missionary for 15 days and I already know that this is the best decision I have ever made. I have had countless confirmations that I am exactly where I need to be and going exactly where I need to be going. My life is never going to be the same now that I’ve been a missionary. It makes me so excited that I am just in the beginning and am going to keep learning and growing. THIS CHURCH IS SO TRUE AND IT CHANGES LIVES.
Next time I email I’ll be in Bama!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson

p.s. HAVE FUN AT STRAWBERRY DAYS RODEO this is literally the only reason I would ever miss it.

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