Muscle Shoals has my heart

p.s. if anyone wants our address it’s

109 Frost Circle Apt. Z101

Sheffield, AL

On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 2:26 PM, Megan Oscarson <megan.oscarson> wrote:

​HELLO EVERYONE my goodness so much has happened since my last pday that was an eternity ago. I’m safe and sound in Muscle Shoals, Alabama! I love it here so much. I’m right at home. SOUTHERN PEOPLE ARE SO AMAZING. I have endless stories I could tell you of how incredibly kind and sweet they are.

But anyway we had our last few days in the MTC! It was so sad. I loved the MTC and learned and grew so much there. We had to say good bye to the elders on Monday night and it was the worst. But I know they’re bringing Georgia heaven! We left the MTC at 2:30 Tuesday morning and flew to Denver and then on to Birmingham. Long day of traveling but it was so fun. Wegot to Birmingham in the afternoon and met President and Sister Hanks there and THEY ARE THE SWEETEST, BEST PEOPLE EVER. I love them so much. They’re leaving next week though and the whole mission in grieving haha. We went to the mission home, ate a ton, took naps, and had interviews with President Hanks. A couple of the sisters and I explored the neighborhood a little bit and were amazed how beautiful it was. I’m legit mad nobody told me Alabama was going to be this beautiful. I feel like I’m in the mountains all the time because I’m constantly surrounded by trees. SO many beautiful huge flowers. I am so amazed every time we go outside. We live right on the Tennessee River and it’s amazing. The sunsets are unreal too.
Wednesday morning we had transfer meeting and it was such a whirlwind. President Hanks spoke for the last time. My trainer is Sister Maegan Griffith and I don’t know how I got so lucky to have her! Pretty cool that we have the same first name, huh? Seriously she is amazing and so sweet and I’m her 3rd greenie in a row and I can see why. She only has one transfer after this left. We got our car and it’s literally brand new. We got in it and it had 63 miles on it and we thought it was a joke. We feel so luxurious it’s hilarious. We drove 2.5 hours to our area, Russellville, Alabama! Our area has SO much variety it’s so cool. It includes the University of North Alabama, looooots of miles of counrtry, lots of trailer parks, a few really nice neighborhoods. Trailer tracting is literally my favorite thing. It’s so much fun and such an adventure. (ps UNA has live lions on campus that we just went to go see it’s pretty legit.)

Like I said, the southern people are the sweetest and have taught me so much. Southern hospitality is SUCH a real thing. Literally every door we knock on they offer us water. I think the biggest thing they’ve taught me so far is what it means to be a true Christian. It’s rare to meet someone here who isn’t Christian. Most people we talk to, they’ll tell us that they don’t agree with what they believe, but they’ll pray with us and for us and they loooooove to talk about Jesus with us. They’re true Christians because even though they don’t agree with us, they show us the most Christlike love possible. They let complete strangers into their home and make sure we’re safe and hydrated and healthy and they thank us for bringing people to Christ. They make sure we know that if we ever need anything, they’re more than happy to help. I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH.
I’m a little bit mad I haven’t lived in the south my whole life. I’m never leaving this is the best place ever. It’s exactly where I need to be.

I’m already seeing miracles. Miracles are so real. God is so involved in His work among His children.

Here’s a scripture I’ve really loved this week:
"Yea, and when you do not cry unto the Lord, let your hearts be full, drawn out in prayer unto Him continually for your welfare, and also for the welfare of those who are around you." -Alma 34:27. Always have a prayer in your heart!

Love you allll so much!! Have a blessed week! (they say that all the time here)
All my love,
Sister Oscarson

p.s. a man sat next to me here at the library computers and asked me if Mormons believe in facebook and Christmas ahahahahah. Don’t worry I talked to him and gave him a pass along card.

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