My favorite fruit is peach cobbler

That is an actual quote I heard from someone this week. His name is Coy and he has 3 goals:1. Shoot a deer
2. Attend church
3. Stop smoking
In that order. I love Alabama.

Man this week has been crazy! Zone conference, exchanges, watermelon festival, and district/zone activities.

Tuesday night we drove to Tupelo to have a sleepover with all the sisters in the 2 zones before zone conference on Wednesday. There are only 4 sets of sisters in the Tupelo North and South zones. So we partied of course and it was a blast. Wednesday was zone conference and it was the best! Such a huge motivator and so refreshing. I LOVE getting to be around other missionaries. It’s such a blessing. One of the things President Sainsbury trained on that I loved is getting rid of the "buddy mentality." Sometimes we meet people who aren’t interested in hearing our message, but we still visit them and are their friends. Yes, it’s good that we are befriending people, but we can’t be satisfied with that. We need to constantly be preaching the gospel, it’s what we were called to do. I love President and Sister Sainsbury SO much! What a blessing to have them.

After zone conference we went on exchanges with the Tupelo sisters. Sister Pierson came back to Russellville with me. Basically we found out that we are the same person. We like alllll the same things. Love her. Solid exchange.

Friday and Saturday was the Russellville Watermelon Festival! So much fun. We spent all day Saturday in Russellville and went back and forth from the festival and people we don’t get to visit very often because Russellville is a little bit far from the Shoals. We were able to talk to TONS of people and see some pretty cool things. There’s nothing like these southern festivals.

Guess what?! The Lowerys came to church again!!! They bring new people every time. A couple other lass actives came too and it was the besssst! We’re having a competition with the elders to see who can get the most meal appointments this week and we’re totally going to win.

Earlier today we had a zone activity in Booneville, Mississippi. We went fishing at a member’s house who has a private pond. SO much fun.

Here’s a cool thing for y’all to read-

So cool huh?! The part about the temples has already been fulfilled!

I love my mission, the gospel, my Savior, southern accents, Russellville, my companion, and you!

Have a blessed week!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson

​Proof I was at the watermelon festival

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