He lives, and while He lives, I’ll sing!

Hey y’all!

So many great things happened this week! I’ll start off with a cool one that happened on Friday.

Last week we were calling past missionary contacts from the area book. We called someone named Colton and he agreed to meet with us Friday morning. We found his house and parked around the corner and went and knocked and no answer. We went back to our car that was around the corner and before I drove off we noticed a squirrel trying to hop down a roof. It was SUPER funny. We probably watched and laughed at this squirrel for at least 3 minutes. While we were distracted by this squirrel a guy comes up to us and points to his house and says, "hey were y’all trying knock on my door? We just pulled up." It was Colton! We were able to teach him and his dad and his girlfriend. Earlier in the week they had been talking about needing to get back into a church and then we called them! They definitely recognized it as a sign from God! We would have missed them if we hadn’t stopped to watch that squirrel! God works in mysterious ways, even through squirrels. πŸ™‚

Thursday we got to go to THE TEMPLE!!! Best day ever. I didn’t realize how much I missed the temple and it was such a blessing to be able to go! The Birmingham temple is so beautiful. I was able to see soooo many missionaries that I love and haven’t seen in a while. I learned so much in the temple and it was the best refresher!

Jumping all over the place here but Monday night we ended up with 2 dinner appointments in a row. It was painful to say the very least. I was really struggling to finish the second one. I know Sister Mathis loves me because she reached over and took half my pork chop and put it on her plate and ate it even though she was just as full as I was. #bestcompanionever

Saturday was an amazing day because JOSH AND LOIS AND BRITTANY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! The Russellville elders have been teaching them the whole time I’ve been here. They are just the sweetest people and I love them so so so much! Lois and Brittany asked us to do their hair and makeup before and it was so much fun to be able to help them get ready! Afterwards, Brittany, who is 15 said to me, "I think I’ll have maybe 1 or 2 kids and then they can do this too!" And I was like "YESSSSSS yes they can!" Dang it was the happiest day ever.

And then we got to watch the women’s session of conference!! I loved it more than anything! So many wonderful principles taught. Especially when my homegirl Sister Oscarson spoke πŸ˜‰

I have been counting down the days until general conference for a long time and I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s here!

Until next Monday! Love y’all and ROLL TIDE!

All my love,

Sister Oscarson







Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost

Hey y’all!

This week was a blur, as pretty much all weeks are. Everyone always said that on the mission the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. I never believed it was true but now I’m the one saying it! So much goodness happens in a week, there’s no way to remember it all!

We were so busy teaching lessons this week, and it felt SO good! We were able to follow up on a referral from the bishop’s family and she turned out to be super solid!! She has been taught by the missionaries before and said she totally believes everything they taught her. We’re so excited to keep meeting with her- and she said she’ll make us cookies when we come over so even better! πŸ™‚

Sometimes southerners are super crazy… and I guess I had just gotten used to it or something. But this is all new to Sister Mathis- and having her with me has really helped me to appreciate it all and laugh at it! Every night we just laugh for a really long time about all the crazy people we met that day. Oh there’s no place like the deep south.

Something that has really stood out to me in the scriptures lately is rejoicing. God rejoices with us and for us! I love Alma 22:8 when Aaron is teaching the king-

"And now when Aaron heard this, his heart began to rejoice, and he said: Behold, assuredly as thou livest, O king, there is a God."

Also Luke 15 when Jesus gives 3 parables of those being lost-

Verse 6- "And when he cometh home, he calleth together his friends and neighbours, saying unto them, Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost."

Verse 9- "And when she hath found it, she calleth her friends and her neighbours together, saying, Rejoice with me; for I have found the piece which I had lost."

I love that these say "rejoice WITH me!" They don’t keep it to themselves. These chapters also talk about heaven and angels rejoicing when one who is lost is found. We have SO MANY WONDERFUL REASONS TO REJOICE!!!

Make good choices and ROLL TIDE!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson

p.s. if anyone just happens to want to send me a letter… πŸ˜‰
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Sheffield, Alabama



Nick Saban (Alabama football coach) is basically the most famous man in Alabama. I am not kidding you people have framed pictures of him and Bear Bryant in their houses.

Mississippi cotton fields and an Alabama fall

Hey y’all!

This week has been crazy insane! So much happened and I don’t even know where to start.

Well Wednesday was transfers and we left for Bham at 6 am. 2 sisters that I came out with, Sister Madsen and Sister Dustin, are also training this transfer so we sat in the trainer’s meeting together like, "we have no idea what we’re doing lol." But it was so fun to see them and catch up with them for a bit. I was able to see my whole MTC district again and it was the best day ever. Love them love them love them!
WAY COOL THING: so we’re waiting for transfers to start and I hear someone behind me, "MEGAN?!" And I’m like what the heck who knows my first name? I turn around and it’s Hayley Francis, one of my good friends from middle school and high school! She had just gotten to the mission! It was so crazy to see her here. To make it even better she’s being trained by my bff Sister Madsen!

President Sainsbury gave a fantastic training about how ultimately our message is that the tomb is empty! That subject has come up a couple other times this week, how glorious is it that that is our message?!

We got paired up with our trainees and my new companion is Sister Mathis from St. George! I adore her! She has such a strong desire and is so bold in declaring the word! We have lots of similarities and I can tell this is going to be a fantastic transfer! We drove back to Russellville and got right in to the work! I know I’m doing my job right when she’s exhausted at the end of the day πŸ™‚
Training is super fun. I LOVE being able to show her how great Alabama is!!! She is doing great and loves being a missionary! I’m such a proud mom :’)

Yesterday we had a special stake conference in Tupelo with Elder Renlund and Elder Beheshti of the Seventy! We rode with Sister Stark and Sister Hart from the ward and they are the funniest little southern ladies ever! I for sure got a fair amount of laughs that day. We were able to see just a tiny bit of a Mississippi/Alabama fall emerging! It’s been just a tiny bit cooler lately, like low 90s, so there’s hope that fall will come! It’s cotton season so I also got to see cotton fields! They are GORGEOUS! I’m never leaving the south.

But the conference was fantastic! Elder Renlund talked about how the restoration is the answer to EVERYTHING. Every challenge, every question, every doubt. He said, "Nothing about us can be answered without going back to the Sacred Grove."

Since it was 9/11 he addressed the question, "Why doesn’t God do anything about all the horrible tragedies in the world?"
He already has. He did a long time ago. He did something about it when the tomb was found empty. He did something about it when all the chains of death were broken. He did something about it when He had to watch His son suffer in the Garden. It was always in the plan to do something about it.

Elder Ruenlund took the time to meet every single one of us which was incredibly sweet and such a blessing for the members of the stake. I’m positive they won’t forget that day for a long time.

Elder Beheshti invited each of us to review the account of the First Vision in the next few days. I did it during personal study this morning and I learned so much from it! We recite it so much as missionaries and sadly I think it has just started to become routine for me. BUT I’m not letting that happen anymore! The end of verse 26 really struck me:

"I had found the testimony of James to be trueβ€”that a man who lacked wisdom might ask of God, and obtain, and not be upbraided."

All of this was because young Joseph had the courage to put a promise in the scriptures to the test. Now he is able to say with a surety that the promise in James is true. What if we all put scriptural promises from God to the test?

Have a blessed week and ROLL TIDE!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson

​3 generations! :’)



Amen and roll tide

Hey y’all!

The transfer ends tomorrow! Can’t believe how quickly it went by. I have LOVED being able to serve with Sister Saatkamp. We have become dear friends and I look up to her so much! She is moving on to serve as STL in Millbrook! (near Montgomery) So so sad she was only in Russellville for 1 transfer but I’m positive she will do amazing things! Aaaaand I’m staying in Russellville and training a brand new missionary! I just barely finished being trained myself on Sunday… so this will be an adventure. I’m excited for this opportunity and chance to really really rely on the spirit. Also my beloved trainer Sister Griffith goes home this week! Crazy. She’ll get to be a grandma before she leaves! The mission is getting LOTS of changes this transfer. TONS of areas are getting white washed and several new areas are being opened. There are 6 missionaries in our ward and me and one of the elders are the only ones staying. They’re taking the elders out of infamous Red Bay and putting sisters in- super unexpected. It will be cool to see what happens!

Football season started this week, and I’m 100% convinced that the second coming could happen during a Bama game and the entire state wouldn’t even notice. Football is RELIGION here. We taught an older man about 2 hours before the game started on Saturday and I counted how many times he said "roll tide" during the lesson… 8. And we were only there for half an hour. After we said a closing prayer he said, "amen and roll tide." I love Alabama. Oh and they won like 64-7 or something like that, so the ward was veeeery happy the next day. I will forever be grateful college football plays on Saturday and not Sunday.

We had zone training last week and it was fantastic as usual. One of the principles I loved was to prepare as if the Lord will give you no help, and then ask for as much help from Him as possible. And that when we obtain ANY blessing from God, it was because we were obedient to him. We also talked a lot about John 21:15-19, when Christ asks 3 times if he loves Him. Verse 17 rings true:

"He saith unto him the third time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me? And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep."

How do we show that we love Him? It’s not enough to say that we love Him and we love His gospel. We show it by feeding his sheep. I have been thinking about that and studying these verses lots this week. So much to learn from it.

Have a blessed week and pray for my new greenie that I don’t mess her up lol.

All my love,
Sister Oscarson


​Sister Stark let us see the inside of her storm shelter!

​Tupelo North Zone!​