I love my life

Seriously, how did my life get so cool? I get to live in beautiful Alabama and meet the most amazing people and preach of Christ’s restored gospel every single day. Wow, I can’t help but feel super blessed.

We got transfer calls this weekend and Sister Mathis and I are staying together in Russellville! I’m super excited that I get to train her for the full 12 weeks and that I get to stay in this ward. My dearest friends are here! This means I’ll be staying in Russellville for a total of 6 months! Kinda crazy, but I’m really looking forward to this upcoming transfer!

On Saturday we were able to go out to Cherokee and help a less active family clean and fix up a house their mom is moving into. We didn’t know what we were getting into, to say the very least. The house is well over 100 years old and hasn’t been lived in for decades. We were able to find lots of cool stuff and had lots of fun! In the words of Elder Diede, "When we got there, it really needed to be bulldozed. But after we left it only mostly needed to be bulldozed." Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Friday we went to Gardendale (suburb of Birmingham) for a meeting with all the trainers and trainees. IT WAS THE BEST! We had some really really great trainings from President and Sister Sainsbury. The talked about how the 3 greatest gifts God has given us are:

1. Life

2. Agency

3. The atonement of Christ

They talked about those things and it was very powerful and then we all went out to the beautiful Birmingham temple grounds and wrote our missionary constitutions. One of the most powerful experiences I’ve had in a little while!

There is a less active couple, the Evans, who we’re been working with the whole time I’ve been here. They have been making so much progress lately and I absolutely adore them! When we first started meeting with them Brother Evans wouldn’t talk to us or come out of the back room. But now he is so excited when we come over, willingly says prayers and reads scriptures, told us he prays for our protection twice a day, and yesterday he smoked ribs for us! They’ve been coming to church and are even bringing their grandkids! Yesterday we shared The Family A Proclamation to the World with them and Sister Evans loved it so much she said she’s going to hang it on the outside of their front door so the whole world can see it. I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

Everyone read your scriptures and say your prayers this week! Hope it’s a blessed one!

All my love,

Sister Oscarson

p.s. shoutout to Elder Milius’ dad who apparently reads my blog 🙂




​33D back at it again. Just missing our beloved Sister Tunuufi.





One thought on “I love my life

  1. Steven Milius says:

    Thanks for the shoutout! I read Elder Milius’ emails and then read yours! I love to see as many pictures of my son as possible. And read about experiences like your recent stake conference from a different perspective. Thanks!


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