Leave all the saving to the men? I don’t think so!

Hey y’all! Happy Halloweennnnnn!

Lots of times when we tell people who we are and they’re like, "oh! Usually y’all’s church sends out boys!" And every time someone says that I think of that line in The Incredibles: "Leave all the saving to the men? I don’t think so!" #sistersinzion

There is a recent convert in the ward, JC, who got baptized in April and is on my list of top 5 favorite people in Alabama. He is from Georgia, and his mom has really been struggling with her health the last little while and passed away 2 weeks ago. We hadn’t been able to see him for the longest time because he had been in Georgia. We were able to see him last week and I am always amazed at how much of a rock he is! His mother gave him her family bible. (Family bibles are a BIG deal in the south. When a couple gets married, they’re given a really nice bible and they write their whole genealogy in it and it becomes their family bible! People show us theirs a lot and they are gorgeous.) We had planned to share Isaiah 54:7,8, & 10 with him. He turned to that page in his mom’s bible and those verses were marked and lots of notes were written next to them! JC was really comforted by that! It is amazing that the Lord is so aware of us and gives us those tiny miracles. Even though it didn’t seem like much it meant the world to JC!

On Tuesday evening we were tracting in Sheffield and I decided to try a new approach and it didn’t turn out like I expected haha. This lady answers the first door we knock on and I say, "We’re looking for a man named Dieter who lives on this street? He has white hair, he’s German, a retired pilot who really loves planes, do you know him?" And then she takes us on a wild goose chase around the whole neighborhood asking if people know Dieter. But she did give us her number so maybe it wasn’t all in vain đŸ™‚

Wednesday night was the ward chili cook off and we got to judge! So basically I was in a food coma afterwards. Super fun night! I adore Russellville ward.

Thursday we had interviews with President Sainsbury! Gosh I just love him. It went super well and we were able to talk to Sister Sainsbury too! Love themmmmmm!

Saturday we went to lunch with a less active member and ate toooons of fried food. Typical southern meal of fried catfish and hushpuppies- so so good! He asked us what we eat in Utah and we said "pretty much everything you eat here except we don’t deep fry everything." He was stunned and asked, "well how do you cook things if you don’t fry them?!" It was hilarious because he was 100% serious. I love the blessed south.

Oh and we tracted into George Jones’ guitarist this week! He told us all kinds of stories and played us a few songs including "He Stopped Loving Her Today" which is a country classic! I was in absolute heaven! Really really cool guy. He wasn’t interested in the gospel though haha.

Love y’all! Be safe tonight!

All my love,
Sister Oscarson




​Morningside is one of our favorite places! It’s an assisted living that’s really close to us and we love helping there! We helped with their Halloween festival and it was so fun!



​Casting my absentee ballot for president of the United States of America #MURICA

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