Leaving my heart in Russellville

Hey y’all!

Well… my time in Russellville is finally up. 6 months sure makes you feel at home in an area! I have come to love everyone here so deeply. The northwest corner of Alabama will always hold a very special place in my heart! What a blessing it has been to serve here. I have learned more here than I can possibly express!

I’m going to Leeds, Alabama which just east outside of Birmingham! I’m excited to be so close to the big city. I will also be serving as Sister Training Leader in Leeds which slightly terrifies me but hey, I’m always up for adventure! My companion and I will be over the sisters in the Birmingham zone which is a way big zone and so different than the one I’m in now. I’m excited for sure! Sister Beck was also called as an STL and will be staying in Russellville! Russellville is now the STL area instead of Tupelo. This came as a hugeeeeee shock because last week at zone conference President pulled us both aside and told us we were staying together in Russellville for another transfer. So sorry to everyone I told I was staying in Russellville… I’m just as surprised as you are haha.

Yesterday at church was soooo bittersweet! I am so incredibly grateful for the time I’ve spent here and for the lifelong friends I’ve made and also very sad to be leaving home! Onward and upward!

Tuesday we had zone training in Russellville. It was all centered around "We Invite, They Commit, We Follow up." Why do we invite people to make and keep commitments? Because it’s our purpose as missionaries! The missionary purpose starts with "our purpose is to invite others…" Idk why I never made that connection before before but I love thinking about it with that perspective!

Thanksgiving was wonderful! We spent the morning giving thank you cards to workers in Walmart who had to work in the holiday. It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done! New tradition, for sure. We then went to Russellville to have lunch with the Whites! They live way out in the backwoods and are the most wonderful deep southern family! Sister Beck and I both tried pecan pie for the first time and it was great! It’s super popular in the south. Later that evening we had dinner with the Vandivers. 2 huge southern Thanksgivings. Trust me, we were almost dead. So grateful for members that take such good care of us!

Saturday we went to a baptism and it sure was beautiful! The elders have been teaching a man named Brother Yifter from Ethiopia and he just shines!

Sunday night we went with the Red Bay sisters (Red Bay is getting closed btw. so sad.) to a Methodist church service in downtown Tuscumbia. It is the most beautiful church. We met some of their members this past week and they invited us to their service. Everyone was super kind and we were able to talk to the preacher for a little bit! Going to other churches really helps me to understand the culture in the south. So many people are so deeply rooted in their religion. Going to other churches also definitely confirms to me that our church is the only one with complete truth!

I am so so sad to be leaving Sister Beck. We were only companions for 2 weeks and I have learned so much from her I can’t even count! She is the greatest missionary I have ever met and one of my greatest friends! She is such an example to me! She has been through so many hard things in her life and you would never be able to tell. She has amazed me every single day! Now we’re both praying we’ll get to be companions for a whole transfer in the future 🙂 GOSH I JUST LOVE HER.

Alabama won the Iron Bowl! We went over to a less active’s house Saturday evening and they were watching the last few minutes of the game and it was just insane. When you’re in the south, football is religion. Roll tide roll.

Don’t forget to #LIGHTtheWORLD aaaand don’t forget about me when sending out Christmas cards 😉

All my love,
Sister Oscarson


Our car got egged 😦






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