Transfers and tornadoes


It sure has been quite the week! Monday and Tuesday were really busy trying to get everything packed up. When you spend 6 months in an area you sure accumulate a lot of junk! I fell incredibly grateful for the precious time I was able to spend in Russellville! I made the most wonderful friends and memories!

Tuesday afternoon we got home and our weather radio was going off for a tornado watch. Sister Stark picked us up and we went to an appointment and had ice cream and by the time we got back it was going off for a tornado warning and people were calling and texting us to get inside. Good thing the mission trains us so well on what to do when this happens! It started storming super super bad and the sky turned straight yellow which was way awesome haha. We got a text saying that it was going to hit our area at a certain time and Sister Beck and I put on our helmets and got cozy in the bathtub with a mattress on top of our heads! We chilled there for a little bit until it passed. The weather radio was going off until 2am with severe thunderstorm, tornado, and flash flood warnings. Sure made my last night in Russellville a memorable one! The area was just mourning my loss that’s all 🙂

We got up the next morning and went to Birmingham for transfers! It’s always so much fun to see everyone! And I got my new companion Sister Hall! She is the absolute cutest thing and I swear she’s perfect. I have yet to find a flaw 🙂 So excited for this transfer! We made the short trip to Leeds and we were able to visit a few people and have dinner with some members. This ward is so awesome, we have meal appointments every. single. night. I was like what in the worlddd? It’s the best! That night we also had correlation meeting with our ward mission leader. He is so on top of things and fulfills his calling so well! I am so amazed by the Leeds Ward!

Thursday we went back to B-ham for MLC! It was so fun you guys. There were some really great trainings and I learned so much and got to see so many people that I love! President and Sister Sainsbury are the best people and we are so excited for zone training this week! Wish me luck though because it’s my first as an STL haha. Looking forward to it!

Friday we met with the zone leaders and decided on our goals for the zone this transfer and planned zone training. This transfer is going to be so good, y’all! We’re dreaming of a White Christmas! BREAKING NEWS FROM FRIDAY: we saw a LIVE POSSUM! This is huge and let me explain why. There are literally sooooo many dead possums and armadillos on the side of the road here. They’re everywhere. And most missionaries go home without ever seeing a live one! But we were driving down the road and one just crossed right in front of us! It almost became another dead one on the side haha. I freaked out. What a great night. Mission bucket list item complete.

Saturday we were able to go to Wetumpka for the baptism of a girl Sister Hall taught in Alex City a couple transfers ago! She is the sweetest girl and was just glowing! It was such a great morning. So glad Sister Hall was able to go!

I have already been able to see so many miracles here and I am so excited to get to know Leeds even better!

Don’t forget to #lighttheworld this week! You will see many blessings from it!

All my love,
Sister Oscarson

New address:

812 Harrison Circle

Pell City, Alabama

Sister Hall ❤


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