Keep Lighting the World!

Hey y’all!

Wow! This has been the craziest, busiest week of them all! Plus only 13 days until Christmas!

Tuesday was basically our only normal day of the week without any meetings or anything. We had lunch with the cuuuuutest older couple in the ward and helped them decorate their Christmas tree because they can’t do it themselves. They had so many cool ornaments and it was the highlight of the day! Just filled my heart right up with Christmas joy! A couple days before we had recieved a referral for someone who requested a Book of Mormon and we shouted for joy because most of the ones we get are for bibles! We called and set up an appointment for Tuesday evening. We put the address in the GPS and started to follow it and it was wayyyyyyyy out in the boonies. I’ve been in the boonies of Alabama before, but this was as hick as you can possibly imagine. I was in absolute heaven. For reals I had soooo much fun there. We knocked on all the doors we could and met some of the most awesome people. I wish I would have taken pictures because there is just no way to descibe it! We were able to meet with the referral and he was so kind and so excited about the Book of Mormon! He found because one of his facebook friends posted about #lighttheworld! You never know what the smallest things can do!

Wednesday was Birmingham zone training! Sister Hall and I gave 2 trainings together and then I did one on my own. we were talking afterwards and we felt like we were talking for half of it and that everyone was probably sick of hearing from us hahaaha. It went so well! I learned so much and it is always such a blessing to associate with these amazing missionaries!

Thursday we were able to go to the temple! We are incredibly lucky to be able to go to the temple as missionaries! Most missions don’t even have temples in them and the missions that do rarely get to go! It was so beautiful. I love the Birmingham temple with all my heart! It is so special to be in a session with all missionaries. Such power! After our session we had a vehicle training with one of the fleet managers in Salt Lake. That night we went to the Pell City Christmas parade to contact some people! I was in heaven there too, people. It was just like the one in the movie A Christmas Story where Santa comes at the end. It was so awesome. We even bumped in to a less active member that we have not been able to get a hold of! Miracle!

Friday we went on the first exchanges of the transfer! I went to Talladega with Sister Beus! I sure do love her. We reminisced about my first transfer when she was my STL in Tupelo and we nearly killed ourselves with heat exhaustion by biking up hills in the middle of July in 100 degrees and 100% humidity. Good times. But I’m happy to say that we stayed alive this exchange! We were able to meet some of the coolest people! Their branch president asked them to visit a lady who had just moved in to the branch. We went over there and she had been literally asking people on the street corner if she knew where our church was becuase she had no idea where it was! She was desperate and we were able to tell her where the church is and all was right in the world again!

Saturday was the ward Christmas party and it was a blast! Leeds ward continues to amaze me every day!

Sister Hall showed me a quote this morning that I absolutely love!
"To marvel at the wonders of the gospel is a sign of faith. It is to recognize the hand of the Lord in our lives and in everything around us. Our amazement also produces spiritual strength. It gives us the energy to remain anchored in our faith and to engage ourselves in the work of salvation." -Bishop Gerald Causse

Let the gospel continue to amaze you! What a gift it is to us!

All my love,
Sister Oscarson

​Birmingham zone sisters ❤

​We survived zone training!


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