God is good!

Hey y’all!

Wow! SO MUCH has happened since we emailed last! I’ll race to try to get it all in.

To start off the week before Christmas we went on exchanges with the Altadena sisters! They are literally the cutest things ever! I went to Altadena with cute cute Sister Cushing. They’re spanish sisters and serve in a spanish branch so they only talk to spanish speakers. Let me tell you… that was an experience. All I really could do was stand there and smile. Hahaha I felt so bad I couldn’t be of any help! It was such a fun experience to be an hermana for a day!

Then on Wednesday… we had gone to the mall in Leeds to do some contacting during all the crazy Christmas shopping people were doing. We were pulling out of the parking lot into traffic and a big Dodge Ram 1500 didn’t see us and rear ended us. Everyone was perfectly fine and it really could have been a lot worse. The guy driving the truck felt so bad, and he was so kind! We called the mission vehicle coordinator and got everything worked out and we’re in the process of getting our bumper fixed. Our car is a brand new 2017 Chevy Malibu, literally about a month old. It was a bit traumatizing but we’re pretty much recovered now!

The next day we had MLC with Brother Donaldson from Salt Lake! He is pretty high up in the missionary department and is largely involved in making The District videos. (He showed us a couple clips from The District 3!!!!) It was basically life changing, y’all. Honestly it was so amazing! I learned so so so so much. He discussed a lot of the challenges of being missionaries in the bible belt and it was the coolest thing!

Christmas and Christmas Eve were wonderful! We spent Christmas Eve with the bishop’s family and they are the sweetest, cutest people! We spent a lot of time caroling those 2 days and it filled my heart right up! It was 75 degrees on Christmas, can’t beat that! What a blessing it was to be a missionary at Christmastime. There is truly nothing like it!

On Monday we had a zone activity that we have been planning with the zone leaders for a while and it was a huge success! I am a firm believer that Birmingham zone is the best in the ABM!

While we were in Birmingham for the zone activity we figured we would go to the Chevy dealership and get an estimate on our car. We were both a little nervous because we had no idea what we were doing and car dealerships are scary. We pulled up and there was an employee walking by and we get out of the car and tell him what we’re there for and he says, "Don’t worry, I’m LDS, I’ll take care of you!" He sure did take care of us! He also introduced us to the general manager of the dealership and he’s a member of the church too!!! It was the biggest tender mercy! I am so grateful that members of this church take care of each other and it is such an amazing thing to be a part of! God is so aware of all of us!

On Tuesday we visited a Mormon.org referral named Brittany and left her with a Book of Mormon. We went back on Friday and SHE READ FOURTEEN CHAPTERS!!!!! She had it all highlighted and had taken notes all in it. She had the greatest questions and was so excited about it! I was nearly in tears of joy in that moment. I am amazed time and time again by the power of the Book of Mormon and how it changes lives! What an incredible gift!

And then later in the week we went on exchanges with the Gardendale sisters! I went with sweet Sister Wilkinson! This is her first transfer so it was so much fun to go on her first exchange with her. She has such amazing things ahead of her!

Big news everyone… MY TRAINER IS ENGAGED! I have been waiting for this day!They met on the mission and served in Russellville together. Takes me back to all the times my first transfer when I would say "I can’t wait for you to marry him!!" And then she would pretend to be mad and say "Sister! We can’t talk about that right now!" Or the time he sent her a package and put my name on it too just to be nice. Or my very first day in the mission when he hanging around us and I could not figure out who this random elder was. They are the cutest couple of my life and I am SO SO SO happy and excited for them!!!! #SteeleWedding2017

I found the best conference talk this morning! It’s by Elder Wirthlin in October 2006 called Sunday Will Come. Read it if you get the chance! Very powerful!

Sure do love y’all!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson

p.s. Bama’s going all the way to another national championship! Roll tide roll!!

​Reunited! I sure love this girl!


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