Miracles upon miracles!

Hey y’all!

We’ve had a great week! Missionary work is the best!

Wednesday we had zone training! It was lots of fun and we loved being able to meet the new missionaries! I love giving trainings with Sister Hall, she’s a natural! That night was suuuuuuper crazy with team ups and appointments so we were relieved to have made it through!

On Thursday we had a team up with an awesome member, Sister Smith, and we saw our investigators Q, James, and La’Miracle. Q and Sister Smith connected instantly and it was just the coolest thing to see!

Friday we had a team up with Sister Sainsbury! She is an absolute angel. We wanted to have some really solid appointments to take her to and we were trying all week to reach out to people to be able to meet with them. We literally talked to every person in our teaching pool and we were desperate. No one was available. We were like, "cool we’ll take the mission president’s wife tracting" hahahahaha. It was stressssss. By some miracle about an hour before she came we were able to get an appointment with a part member family. We got there with Sister Sainsbury and the 14 and 16 year old brother and sister were the only ones there and they started yellingand fighting with each other right in front of us. Sister Hall and I both were freaking out inside but Sister Sainsbury handled it with such grace. She’s such a good example and shared so much wisdom and love with us. So grateful for her!

Earlier in the day on Fridaywe got a text from a number we didn’t know, and it was a girl who introduced herself as Nicole. She said she has come to our church a few times in the past. She wanted to get back into going to church and said she feels the most at home at our church and was wondering if we could find her a ride! She was able to come on Sunday and she is just the sweetest girl!! She said she was so excited to come to church that she couldn’t sleep the night before. She loved church and is such a bright light!! We found her teaching record in the area book and she was taught a few years ago but it just wasn’t her time. It is so amazing to see how the Lord’s timing works!

We’ve been having some bad storms lately, but that’s nothing new haha! We have a weather radio in our apartment that goes off when there’s dangerous weather. Saturday night at 1:30 am it went off because of severe thunderstorms. Let me tell you, that thing will give you a heart attack in the middle of the night! Sister Hall and I have really great decision making skills at that hour of the night so we got up and relocated to the hallway….because obviously that’s the safest place to be. We woke up that morning on the floor of our apartment hallway and reevaluated every decision we’ve ever made. Needless to say we looked like a mess when we arrived at church that morning haha. There were more severe storms as church was ending too. Alabama weather y’all.

I found a quote the week that I really love!
"The invitation to trust the Lord does not relieve us from the responsibility to know for ourselves. This is more than an opportunity; it is an obligation- and it is one of the reasons we were sent to this earth. Latter Day Saints are not asked to blindly follow everything they hear. We are encouraged to think and discover truth for ourselves. We are expected to ponder, to search, to evaluate, and thereby come to a personal knowledge of the truth." -President Uchtdorf

Quote of the week:
Sis. Hall: "I feel like Noah."
Me: "Why?
Sis. Hall: "Because it’s raining and the people aren’t repenting."

Have a blessed week!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson

​Some of the STLs at MLC last week! Don’t I serve with the cutestttttt sisters?!

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