There’s no ham like Birmingham

Hey y’all!

This week we had lots of tracting adventures. Sister Hall and I both love tracting and we had more time to do it this week. There’s no other way you can meet such cool people and talk to them about Jesus!

Tuesday we had MLC! (I feel like I’m just constantly telling y’all about meetings. #missionarylife) I LOVE MLC! It was great and a lot of the focus was on leadership and how to be leader like the greatest leader, Christ. At the end we all moved to the chapel and President Sainsbury gave a powerful training on the sabbath day and the spirit was so strong!

Wednesday morning we went to Gadsden (and made it all the way there and back with no GPS mind you) for interviews! President and Sister Sainsbury and the most Christlike people there ever was and we absolutely adore them!

We came back to Leeds afterwards and started our exchange with the Gardendale sisters! I was with Sister Pyrah and we had a blast. We had the same trainer, Sister Griffith, and she served in Russellville AND Leeds so there was soooo much to talk about! She is a fantastic missionary and I learned a lot from her. That night we had dinner with our favorite members the Thunells!

We had an appointment with our investigator Miss Ruth who is easily one of my very favorite people! We were reading with her where she left off in the Book of Mormon in 1 Nephi 4. We got to the part where Nephi kills Laban and Ruth says, "ohhhh, bless his heart." It took everything in Sister Hall and I to not start laughing right there. We just adore Ruth! She and I are best friends whether she wants to admit it or not 🙂 "I love country music but I don’t like singing cowboys." -Miss Ruth

Today we had a zone activity in Birmingham! I LOVE being in the city. It’s so fun and crazy. The zone activity was way fun and were able to go and get some things done at the mission office. We had lunch at one of the best bbq places in Alabama and we were in heaven! It was the most southern place you’ve ever seen with Alabama football stuff alllll over the place. It was the best thing ever and I fit right in with my Alabama shirt but the only thing wrong was my yankee accent 🙂 The south sure has my heart.

This week during personal study this scripture really struck me:

"Wherefore, we search the prophets, and we have many revelations and the spirit of prophecy; and having all these witnesses we obtain a hope, and our faith becometh unshaken, insomuch that we truly can command in the name of Jesus and the very trees obey us, or the mountains, or the waves of the sea." -Jacob 4:6

We are so blessed to have the spiritual witnesses that we do!

Have a great week! Happy Valentine’s Day!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson

​Real southern bbq will never compare to anything out west!

We adore Miss Ruth!

​Our investigator Valerie had her son over at her house who trades reptiles. So obviously we had to hold his snake… yeah.

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