Hey y’all!

First things first……. RUTH CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!! It was the greatest day ever! I love her SO MUCH! It was a joyful day filled with so much peace!

Wednesday was transfers!! "Transfer hub" (since we’re not supposed to call it transfer meeting anymore) is always so much fun! I got to see some of my very favorite missionaries! I said good bye to Sister Hall which was super sad but I know she is on to amazing things! She will thrive no matter where she is! And I said hello to Sister Conteh! She is the cutest thing and SO hilarious!! Seriously I have been laughing nonstop for the past 5 days. She is from Virginia and joined the church when she was 13. Her story is SO inspiring! She is a great missionary and this is her last transfer so I’m killing her too.

After transfers we stopped in Irondale to contact a media referral who turned out to be super awesome and then we went on a team up with the wonderful Sister Thunell!

Thursday we spent a loooooong time weekly planning to figure out all of our exchanges and getting Sister Conteh caught up on the area. In the afternoon we had a good lesson with Victoria who we met last week and had dinner with the Bodilys!

Friday we were in Irondale and we were FINALLY able to see Brittany! She is still reading the Book of Mormon but everything is up in the air right now because her whole apartment complex just found out they all have to be out by Tuesday. My heart is just broken for all those people who have to find another place to go. We had a great lesson with Tim, who was the media referral we met on Wednesday! He is so awesome!

Saturday was a hard day tbh. We got bashed really bad with some really really horrible anti. Guys, don’t even mess with anti. It’s ridiculous.

Saturday was also my 9 month mark! Crazy. #humpday

But Sunday was the most wonderful day!!!! RUTH WAS AT CHURCH and I sang a solo in sacrament meeting! I have missed singing so much and it felt so good to sing again! We had some way good lessons after church and then we were able to have dinner with an awesome recent convert/part member family!

This week I read an ensign article that I loved that I want to share! It’s from the August 2016 Ensign and it’s titled Rooted in Christ by Elder L. Whitney Clayton. It was powerful!

We’re fixin to have a crazy week with MLC, zone training, and lots of other good things!

Have a blessed week y’all!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson

​9 months!!

p.s. sorry I don’t have any pictures of Sister Conteh… I promise she exists and she’s super cute.

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