The greatest of all victories

Hey y’all!

It is now full blown spring and Alabama sure is beautiful!

We had a great week here in the ABM! We were able to get lots done and it felt great!

On Tuesday we had district meeting which we haven’t had in a while and it was so fun! Our district leader is from Jamaica and he is hilarious. That day we were also able to see Valerie! We needed to teach the word of wisdom and we got there and she offered us tea. So I was automatically like "okay well it’s all over this is going to be a mess." But we taught it and she has never liked tea and only drinks herbal tea! She doesn’t even drink sweet tea which is unheard of for southerners! She has never liked coffee either and had absolutely no problems with the word of wisdom and totally agreed that these things are harmful for your body. #blessings

On Wednesday we saw JEFFERY!!!!!! I can’t even tell you how much we love him. He is so beyond incredible! We taught the plan of salvation and once again he said that everything we share with him is what he already believes! He is SO intelligent and such a deep thinker. Whenever we share a principle with him he says, "that is right!" And I wish all of you could hear him say that in his "lil hillbilly accent." (he calls it that) Also he is always saying "teach me more!" and "what else you got?!" whenever we teach him. We saw him on Saturday too and had a great lesson and he loved church on Sunday! It is so amazing to watch him progress. He already has such a steadfast testimony! He knows without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true! Teaching him has really really helped my testimony that this is the true church and that those who are prepared will be led to it. The Holy Ghost is real and will come to those who are worthy and ready!

On Thursday we had breakfast with some of our favorite people, the Burchfields! They are a less active and part member family. They are so awesome and they showed us their pet pigs that do tricks. We also had a great lesson with Q and La’Miracle! We haven’t been able to see them in like 2 weeks so I’ve been a little worried about them. It ended up being a really great lesson and Q really really opened up to us like she never has before!

We got to church on Sunday and there was a lady there who nobody had ever seen before. Turns out her name is Kimberly and she is from London and she came to the United States to be baptized in Georgia on Saturday by the person who taught her the gospel! She is traveling all over the south all be herself and just going to whatever wards she can find and meeting all the member she can. Talk about brave! She was so inspiring and so sweet! We had homemade beef stew with Valerie that night! We sure love her!

How are everyone’s Easter preparations going? Good I hope! This is the best time of year! EVERYONE please read this talk!!!

It is powerful! It talks about how Christ rising again is the greatest of all victories. It truly is! Here is my favorite paragraph from it-

"These simple words—“He is not here, but is risen”—have become the most profound in all literature. They are the declaration of the empty tomb. They are the fulfillment of all He had spoken concerning rising again. They are the triumphant response to the query facing every man, woman, and child who was ever born to earth."

Have a blessed week y’all!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson

​I think this is the most hilarious picture hahahahahaha

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