Miracle on Georgia Avenue

Hey y’all!

We didn’t have a super eventful week this week. But I’ll tell you the exciting things that did happen!

We went on an exchange with the Birmingham sisters in their area so we could help them out! WE LOVE THEM!!! I got to be with my daughter Sister Mathis and let me tell you, it was SO much fun to be with her again! Gosh I have missed her! She is the funniest person ever and we had a lot of fun remembering our transfers together. We were a mess then hahahaha. It is so cool to see how much she’s grown! She’s stellar! Plus I super love her companion Sister Dimon. They’re such homies.

The next day we went to district meeting in Locust Fork! It’s wayyyyy out there and it was super fun to see the cute little place that it is! We’re in a new district now and it’s the best! This was literally one of the best district meetings I have ever been to. The Gardendale sisters gave the greatest training on how to begin teaching and it blew my mind.

Later that day we went on an exchange with the Oxford sisters! Sister Poe is hilarious. Man I was laughing so hard the entire exchange. On Saturday morning she and I went to Leeds to try and follow up with a few people and one of them was Brittany! (Last week Sister Beck and I were in walmart and she saw a lady who was checking out and knew we needed to talk to her. So we really creepily followed her out and talked to her. She was super receptive and kind! That’s Brittany.) We weren’t able to get in touch with her but I’ve been thinking about tracting her street ever since. So we did and it was a MIRACLE street! We literally knocked on maybe like 5 doors and found SO much success!! It was incredible! We even found some spanish people which was perfect because I had a spanish sister with me! Seriously, I have NEVER found so much success and so many amazing people! #miracleongeorgiaavenue

On Sunday Siave came to church again!!! Man he is incredible!

I love this gospel, I love being a missionary, I love the deep south ,and I love my life!

All my love,
Sister Oscarson


Easter, civil rights, and brownies!

Hey y’all!

So many good things happened this week! I love Sister Beck and I love Alabama and I love Leeds!

In the middle of the week on Thursday we went to the temple and had zone conference in Gardendale! Man it was so good to go to the temple again! We are super super blessed that we get to go to the temple every 3 months. It’s truly the greatest thing ever! There’s a brother in our ward, Brother Bodily, who is our bff and works at the temple and he was there when we were there. Sister Beck and I were sitting by each other in the celestial room and Brother Bodily walked in, didn’t talk to anyone, came right over to us, fist bumped us and said, "you made it." And then walked right out. We DIED. Gosh it was the funniest thing ever. Pretty sure that’s how it’s really going to be in the celestial kingdom.

On Friday Sister Beck was super sick so we got her all recovered… and I let her cut my hair and she was more stressed about it that I was. She’s never done it before and she did a great job! #companiontrustexercises

On Saturday our ward mission leader organized a family history open house so we got to do that at the church! Before we went to the family history event we decided to kill some time and go tracting. When we finished tracting we were about to leave but we felt impressed to knock on one more door. As we knocked, we saw this old man in the back of his yard so we went around the house and started talking to him. His name is Buddy. Buddy is 75 years old and probably the most knowledgeable person biblical-wise that we have ever met. (that’s saying A LOT for Alabama) He told us to grab 2 chairs and sit down. As we talked he told us basically that he thinks all the churches are wrong and he’s been spending his 75 years of life trying to find truth. He said he’s attended every church in Leeds except for ours! As he expressed his beliefs to us, I must say: he is so close!!!

That night our investigator Siave took us out to dinner. It was awesome because he had SO many really great questions and we had such a great discussion! He is the coolest guy around! As our dinner ended Siave proceeded to order Sister Beck and I a dessert right? He ordered us a GIGANTIC brownie with ice cream. Literally it was bigger than our faces. BUT. He said, "If you guys can eat all of this, I will come to church tomorrow." So we looked at each other, said a quick prayer in our heads and went to town on that thing. And you best believe we finished that whole thing!! It was very very painful to say the least but ABSOLUTELY 100% WORTH IT.

Easter Sunday was truly the greatest day! Jeffery got confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! My heart was just absolutely swelling with joy! Buddy came to church and I couldn’t believe it. When I saw him walk in the door I think my jaw literally dropped. He isn’t too sure if it’s true yet, but he did say "Y’all are probably the closest!" He really enjoyed it and is excited to learn more! He gives us a run for our money though. The Gospel Principles teacher was given a run for her money too! He asks some intense questions. We’ve got some studying to do! Siave also LOVED church.(We did have to call him a bazillion times and then knock on his door Sunday morning, but hey. I didn’t eat that brownie for nothing.) He originally only planned to stay for sacrament meeting, but he enjoyed it so much that he stayed for all 3 hours! Then he told us and all the members that he would absolutely be back!

Earlier today we had a zone activity at the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum! Some sweet members who work there hooked us up! It was the COOLEST place and so so so interesting. I LOVE Birmingham and that it’s so rich in history. Gosh this is the greatest mission no question.

Have a blessed week!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson

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Jeffery’s baptism!

Hey y’all!

It has been such an incredible week! I can’t help but feel so, so blessed!

The week started on Tuesday with zone training! It went super well and was lots of fun! The rest of the day was great and it was crazy that it was Sister Conteh’s last day!

Wednesday was transfer day! There were some super crazy storms that started really early that morning but all the missionaries made it there safe and sound! I said goodbye to Sister Conteh and then I got Sister Beck! Man I LOVE this girl! It is so so great to be companions again. We’ve had so much fun these past few days.

On Thursday we saw Jeffery to finish up his lessons! We talked all about all the amazing things we get to do once we’re members of the church! It made me so grateful to be a member of such an incredible church!

Friday was a really really great day! In the morning we hunted down a few less active members we had never met before and they were all home and receptive!! It was so great!

Saturday morning we met with Siave! Sister Conteh and I tracted into him a few weeks ago. He is from Samoa and most of his family are members of the church! He had some really really great questions and loved the Book of Mormon. He is such a cool guy!

Saturday evening was JEFFERY’S BAPTISM!!!! Man it was such a peaceful, wonderful evening. He was so ready! Everything went super smoothly and the ward was super super supportive and just loved him! I am so grateful for such an amazing ward that took him under their wing from day 1. He bore his testimony after he was baptized and man y’all that was powerful. I can say without hesitation that Jeffery has changed my life and my outlook on the gospel! I have learned SO much from him, especially about the power of the Book of Mormon. It changes lives like nothing else can. There really are people who are prepared to receive the restored gospel and they WILL be led to it! I know one of the huge reasons I needed to come to Alabama was to learn from Jeffery.

Sunday was a beautiful day and I LOVED being able to introduce the ward to my favorite person Sister Beck! I love this ward and I love my companion! After church we went with our ward mission leader to visit several people. We went to the state veteran’s home and they gave the sacrament for a man who can’t come to church because he’s wheelchair bound. It was so powerful. When Brother Thunell was blessing the bread the words, "the souls of all those who partake of it" really really struck me. This was being blessed for the ONE soul, and that’s how the sacrament was for all of us. Wow, it really made me rethink it!

I love this work, y’all. There is nothing I would rather be doing!

All my love,
Sister Oscarson

​Sister Saatkamp went home… so now 4 of my 6 companions are home. Whoa.

General conference, MLC, exchanges, and transfer calls!

Hey y’all!

We got transfer calls and I’m staying here in wonderful Leeds and my new companion is….. MY HOMEGIRL SISTER BECK!!!!!!!!!! Gosh y’all we’re SO excited. We’ve been companions before, but only for 2 weeks so we’re stoked to have at least a whole transfer together! Best companion, best area. This is going to be good!

We’ve had a great week! Super busy. On Tuesday we had district meeting and started our exchange with the Altadena sisters! I was with Sister Adams and she is one of my very favorites! We went contacting at the outdoor mall in Leeds and she stopped right in her tracks and said, "we NEED to go into Dressbarn." So we did and we were walking around and one of the workers comes up behind us and says, "Missionaries! Do you have an extra Book of Mormon?" Turns out she’s a member and she just moved to the area! She had just gotten divorced and her ex husband threw away her scriptures so she didn’t have any. She was the sweetest thing and it was so cool to be able to meet her! Tuesday night Sister Adams and I went on a secret mission and decorated the apartment for Sister Ward’s birthday and then we had a little party for her!

On Wednesday we ended our exchange with Altadena and then started our exchange with the Birmingham sisters! I do not recommend doing 2 exchanges in one day unless you have to, It was crazy! Sister Dimon and I went on a great team up with Megan who is an awesome laurel in the ward! We LOVE her! Then Sister Dimon and I went contacting in Bass Pro Shops and said a holding hands prayer with someone right in the middle of it. I LOVE THE SOUTH!

Friday we had MLC! I don’t think I can tell you how much I love MLC! We are so blessed to be led by President and Sister Sainsbury! They are incredible! That night we had a great lesson with Jeffery! He was able to watch general conference this weekend and he LOVED it! He is so excited and eager to be baptized.

General conference was so perfect! Just a dream! we watched it with some really fantastic members and learned so much! It’s such an incredible blessing to be able to hear from true prophets and apostles and hear what God needs us to hear! God truly loves us and has not left us alone or in the dark!

I hope everyone has seen this year’s Easter video the church put out! If you haven’t seen it, watch it! It’s incredibly powerful! #princeofpeace

Have a blessed week y’all!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson