Jeffery’s baptism!

Hey y’all!

It has been such an incredible week! I can’t help but feel so, so blessed!

The week started on Tuesday with zone training! It went super well and was lots of fun! The rest of the day was great and it was crazy that it was Sister Conteh’s last day!

Wednesday was transfer day! There were some super crazy storms that started really early that morning but all the missionaries made it there safe and sound! I said goodbye to Sister Conteh and then I got Sister Beck! Man I LOVE this girl! It is so so great to be companions again. We’ve had so much fun these past few days.

On Thursday we saw Jeffery to finish up his lessons! We talked all about all the amazing things we get to do once we’re members of the church! It made me so grateful to be a member of such an incredible church!

Friday was a really really great day! In the morning we hunted down a few less active members we had never met before and they were all home and receptive!! It was so great!

Saturday morning we met with Siave! Sister Conteh and I tracted into him a few weeks ago. He is from Samoa and most of his family are members of the church! He had some really really great questions and loved the Book of Mormon. He is such a cool guy!

Saturday evening was JEFFERY’S BAPTISM!!!! Man it was such a peaceful, wonderful evening. He was so ready! Everything went super smoothly and the ward was super super supportive and just loved him! I am so grateful for such an amazing ward that took him under their wing from day 1. He bore his testimony after he was baptized and man y’all that was powerful. I can say without hesitation that Jeffery has changed my life and my outlook on the gospel! I have learned SO much from him, especially about the power of the Book of Mormon. It changes lives like nothing else can. There really are people who are prepared to receive the restored gospel and they WILL be led to it! I know one of the huge reasons I needed to come to Alabama was to learn from Jeffery.

Sunday was a beautiful day and I LOVED being able to introduce the ward to my favorite person Sister Beck! I love this ward and I love my companion! After church we went with our ward mission leader to visit several people. We went to the state veteran’s home and they gave the sacrament for a man who can’t come to church because he’s wheelchair bound. It was so powerful. When Brother Thunell was blessing the bread the words, "the souls of all those who partake of it" really really struck me. This was being blessed for the ONE soul, and that’s how the sacrament was for all of us. Wow, it really made me rethink it!

I love this work, y’all. There is nothing I would rather be doing!

All my love,
Sister Oscarson

​Sister Saatkamp went home… so now 4 of my 6 companions are home. Whoa.

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