Easter, civil rights, and brownies!

Hey y’all!

So many good things happened this week! I love Sister Beck and I love Alabama and I love Leeds!

In the middle of the week on Thursday we went to the temple and had zone conference in Gardendale! Man it was so good to go to the temple again! We are super super blessed that we get to go to the temple every 3 months. It’s truly the greatest thing ever! There’s a brother in our ward, Brother Bodily, who is our bff and works at the temple and he was there when we were there. Sister Beck and I were sitting by each other in the celestial room and Brother Bodily walked in, didn’t talk to anyone, came right over to us, fist bumped us and said, "you made it." And then walked right out. We DIED. Gosh it was the funniest thing ever. Pretty sure that’s how it’s really going to be in the celestial kingdom.

On Friday Sister Beck was super sick so we got her all recovered… and I let her cut my hair and she was more stressed about it that I was. She’s never done it before and she did a great job! #companiontrustexercises

On Saturday our ward mission leader organized a family history open house so we got to do that at the church! Before we went to the family history event we decided to kill some time and go tracting. When we finished tracting we were about to leave but we felt impressed to knock on one more door. As we knocked, we saw this old man in the back of his yard so we went around the house and started talking to him. His name is Buddy. Buddy is 75 years old and probably the most knowledgeable person biblical-wise that we have ever met. (that’s saying A LOT for Alabama) He told us to grab 2 chairs and sit down. As we talked he told us basically that he thinks all the churches are wrong and he’s been spending his 75 years of life trying to find truth. He said he’s attended every church in Leeds except for ours! As he expressed his beliefs to us, I must say: he is so close!!!

That night our investigator Siave took us out to dinner. It was awesome because he had SO many really great questions and we had such a great discussion! He is the coolest guy around! As our dinner ended Siave proceeded to order Sister Beck and I a dessert right? He ordered us a GIGANTIC brownie with ice cream. Literally it was bigger than our faces. BUT. He said, "If you guys can eat all of this, I will come to church tomorrow." So we looked at each other, said a quick prayer in our heads and went to town on that thing. And you best believe we finished that whole thing!! It was very very painful to say the least but ABSOLUTELY 100% WORTH IT.

Easter Sunday was truly the greatest day! Jeffery got confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! My heart was just absolutely swelling with joy! Buddy came to church and I couldn’t believe it. When I saw him walk in the door I think my jaw literally dropped. He isn’t too sure if it’s true yet, but he did say "Y’all are probably the closest!" He really enjoyed it and is excited to learn more! He gives us a run for our money though. The Gospel Principles teacher was given a run for her money too! He asks some intense questions. We’ve got some studying to do! Siave also LOVED church.(We did have to call him a bazillion times and then knock on his door Sunday morning, but hey. I didn’t eat that brownie for nothing.) He originally only planned to stay for sacrament meeting, but he enjoyed it so much that he stayed for all 3 hours! Then he told us and all the members that he would absolutely be back!

Earlier today we had a zone activity at the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum! Some sweet members who work there hooked us up! It was the COOLEST place and so so so interesting. I LOVE Birmingham and that it’s so rich in history. Gosh this is the greatest mission no question.

Have a blessed week!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson

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