Miracle on Georgia Avenue

Hey y’all!

We didn’t have a super eventful week this week. But I’ll tell you the exciting things that did happen!

We went on an exchange with the Birmingham sisters in their area so we could help them out! WE LOVE THEM!!! I got to be with my daughter Sister Mathis and let me tell you, it was SO much fun to be with her again! Gosh I have missed her! She is the funniest person ever and we had a lot of fun remembering our transfers together. We were a mess then hahahaha. It is so cool to see how much she’s grown! She’s stellar! Plus I super love her companion Sister Dimon. They’re such homies.

The next day we went to district meeting in Locust Fork! It’s wayyyyy out there and it was super fun to see the cute little place that it is! We’re in a new district now and it’s the best! This was literally one of the best district meetings I have ever been to. The Gardendale sisters gave the greatest training on how to begin teaching and it blew my mind.

Later that day we went on an exchange with the Oxford sisters! Sister Poe is hilarious. Man I was laughing so hard the entire exchange. On Saturday morning she and I went to Leeds to try and follow up with a few people and one of them was Brittany! (Last week Sister Beck and I were in walmart and she saw a lady who was checking out and knew we needed to talk to her. So we really creepily followed her out and talked to her. She was super receptive and kind! That’s Brittany.) We weren’t able to get in touch with her but I’ve been thinking about tracting her street ever since. So we did and it was a MIRACLE street! We literally knocked on maybe like 5 doors and found SO much success!! It was incredible! We even found some spanish people which was perfect because I had a spanish sister with me! Seriously, I have NEVER found so much success and so many amazing people! #miracleongeorgiaavenue

On Sunday Siave came to church again!!! Man he is incredible!

I love this gospel, I love being a missionary, I love the deep south ,and I love my life!

All my love,
Sister Oscarson

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