It’s May y’all!

Hey y’all!

We sure had a crazy week this week! After 3 exchanges in 4 days… I could hardly remember who my companion really was!

On Monday night we went and saw Q and La’Miracle! They are doing great and La’Miracle is the cutest thing! She loves to sing and we taught her I Am a Child of God several weeks ago and on Monday we taught her I’m Trying to be Like Jesus! It was so fun. Sister Beck and I had our first run in with chitlins that night. (they didn’t offer us any, but if they had, we totally wold have eaten some.) Did you know that the smell of chitlins is absolutely terrible and that the smell stays in your hair and clothes and every part of you? Well we sure learned that lesson.

The next morning we had interviews with President Sainsbury!The Sainsburys are my favorite people in the world! It was a really great interview and I’m very very grateful for him and that he’s so in tune with the spirit and that he truly loves all of us!

And then we started our exchange with Gardendale! I was with cute Sister Wilkinson and I just adore her! I went on her very first exchange with her back in December and she has grown SO much since then! It was a really amazing thing to see!

On Wednesday we ended our exchange and then Sister Beck and I saw Michaela! She is a former investigator who was sooooooo close to getting baptized a year ago, the only thing holding her back was getting married. She is so wonderful! We taught the first half of the restoration and she was smiling and nodding the whole time! She knows all of this is true.

After that lesson we started the Altadena B exchange with Sister Magness and Sister Hutchings! We love them. Cutest companionship award? Yes.

On Friday we went to district meeting and went on an exchange with Altadena C! I was with Sister Hale and you would never guess she’s only in her 2nd transfer! She’s so bold and has such a fire.

Saturday evening we drove to Oxford to see Siave as he was playing in a band at a local BBQ place. It was SO southern. We couldn’t actually watch it obviously, but we showed up to show support. He is so great. He doesn’t exactly have a testimony yet of the word of wisdom, but,… while he was super drunk he still gladly introduced us to all of his friends. It was great.

Sunday was a great day at church! Our ward mission leader’s daughter just returned from her mission so it was exciting to hear her homecoming! We then went to the Iorg family’s home for lunch but because of tornados we got stuck there all day so not a whole lot was able to be done! Once we could get back on the road we went to the Thunell’s for dinner and it was time to call it a night! Gotta love Alabama!

Have a blessed week!

All my love,
Sister Oscarson

Sister Beck and I could live off of dried fruit!


​A Jesus rodeo?! Pretty sure all of my wildest dreams have come true.

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