20 years and 40 corndogs

Hey y’all!

What a week!

Tuesday we had MLC! I absolutely adore MLC every time. We found out there are no more zone trainings for the rest of forever so that makes our lives quite a bit easier! I also got to see some of very favorite people like Sister Madsen and Sister Trepanier! That night we got to teach Q and Kristine and we love them!

On Wednesday I went on splits for the very first time on my mission. I don’t know how I’ve gone this long without ever going on splits and I was a bit nervous to be honest! I was in a trio with Megan and Hailey and we had lots of fun! I really really wanted to give them a good old southern experience because Hailey just got home from her mission in Germany so that was the goal of the day. We knocked on a door and heard the people inside say, "who’s at the door? It’s the Jesus people!" And then we taught a baptist preacher who was gutting catfish on his porch. If that’s not southern, I don’t know what is. #missionaccomplished

Thursday was my birthday and it was wonderful! It started with Sister Beck pouncing on me at 6:25 am and then we made pancakes and she played her violin. After studies we went to district meeting in Centerpoint and my cute district threw a surprise party! Complete with 40 corndogs. Why 40? Don’t ask me. That evening we had dinner at the Bodilys and had my favorite breakfast for dinner! I LOVE the Bodilys! They’re some of my favorite people in all of Alabama. I had a great day and I can’t help but feel super blessed to have so many amazing people in my life!

Friday morning we got to go help at a local food pantry! It was lots of fun! The ladies who work there are all total southern belles and they taught us many many life lessons behind the counter. For instance, "Now girls, you see that woman. That right there is the difference between a woman and a lady." hahaha. We were dying. We came home to our apartment decorated and the Birmingham sisters popping out and a surprise exchange! I LOVE SISTER MATHIS AND SISTER DIMON. So much. Seriously they’re the best. I had a great exchange with Sister Dimon. We taught a really really cute girl named Magda who was super receptive! Then we had dinner with the Thunells and had breakfast for dinner again! Y’all I love this ward SO much. They’re so good to us.

Church on Sunday was wonderful! It was one of the most spirit filled testimony meetings that I have ever been to. We finally got a bishop! We haven’t had one since February! The sad news is that our fabulous ward mission leader Brother Thunell got called to be the 2nd councilor in the bishopric so he’ll be released. So we’re slightly devastated about that but he said he won’t forget about us πŸ™‚

In honor of being alive 20 years I’ve been thinking this week about the 20 biggest things I’ve learned on my mission. I complied a list and I thought I’d share!

1. The Book of Mormon can answer absolutely any question
2. The true nature of God
3. God is a God of order
4. He qualifies who He calls
5. The missionary usually learns more from the investigator than the investigator learns from the missionary
6. The absolute need for a restoration
7. His timing is perfect
8. He is aware of every detail of our lives
9. Every denomination has pieces of truth and every denomination has good people
10. Real intent makes all the difference
11. The Bible is just as important as the Book of Mormon
12. The importance of covenants
13. The Lord protects His servants
14. If the spirit can’t dwell somewhere, don’t be there
15. It’s okay to struggle and ask for help
16. The blessing doesn’t come right away, but it comes
17. You can do literally anything in a skirt
18. What makes our church different is continuing revelation
19. What it means to be a true Christian
20. God loves us, and that’s His motive for everything

All my love,
Sister Oscarson




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