Going to Prattville!

Hey y’all!

We had a great week this week and we were able to get so much done and that always feels good!

Well… my time in Leeds is up! Pretty hard to believe that I’ve been here for 6 whole months. This is definietly where I’ve grown and learned the most. Saturday night after we had gotten transfer calls we were driving back to Pell City from Leeds and my heart was just bursting with gratitude for this place and these people. Wow. I am so grateful my Heavenly Father let me spend so long here. Leeds will always hold a huge place in my heart. I’m going to Prattville! It’s just outside of Montgomery and I’m excited! I’ve heard so many great things about the area.

Monday night we had dinner with the cute Burgener family! Sister Burgener told us about a few weeks ago when they went for a walk around their neighborhood after general conference and she was just SO excited and she wanted to tell everyone about it! She saw a woman sitting on her porch and she felt like she should go talk to her but she didn’t. She asked us if we would go knock on her door and we said of course! We went to her house and nobody was home so we knocked on the house across the street and the man let us right in before we said anything because he’s met with missionaries before! He was super receptive and excited for us to come back!

Thursday while we were working in Leeds, we drove by a house a little off the road and I just felt like we super needed to knock on the door. So I pulled to car off the road and we went and knocked and the lady who opened the door immediately said, "I don’t believe like y’all do." But after we talked a bit she warmed up and let us into her home! Then she began to tell us how much she loves Utah and temple square and really opened up to us! We are excited to teach her again tomorrow!

On Friday we went to district meeting and then had a great lesson with Magda! She is so awesome! She read 5 chapters in the Book of Mormon and loved it and said she didn’t want to stop! She said the last time she got baptized it was for the wrong reasons and she wants to do it this time for all the right reasons! And then we went and saw Diamond and she read too!!!!! She said the exact same thing, that it captivated her so much! Must be because it’s true or something.

On Saturday we went to Birmingham for Kaitlyn’s baptism so we could play a musical number! The hot water of their church quit working so if you need a laugh, just imagine 4 sister missionaries sprinting back and forth in the church boiling water to try to fill the font. Yup. It was still freezing. But it definitely made for a memory! Kaitlyn was just glowing and it was so fun to play a musical number with Sister Beck and Sister Dimon!

Sunday was a great day! Sister Beck and I sang a duet in sacrament meeting and we sang the most amazing song that Sister Beck’s super talented mom wrote! After church we went to the Thunell’s and I got to Skype my cute fam! After that we took Megan with us and took her tracting for her first time! We did some sketchy apartments to make sure she got the whole experience and she did great! Then we went and saw Jeffery! He is doing so great and I love him SO much! He basically teaches us everything about the gospel and he’s even sharing the gospel and the Book of Mormon with his friends and bringing an investigator to church and fellowshipping him! Oh man… my heart just broke leaving him but I know that he is in good hands with this ward! He has a huge place in my heart. He has completely changed my outlook on the gospel. Afterwards we went and saw one of my favorite people, Patty! She and I are good friends and she is probably the most hilarious person I know. I told her I was leaving and she immediately pulled out a zebra striped taser and gave it to me and said, "here, you’ll need this." We about DIED. Don’t worry y’all, I’ll be safe becauseI have a super classy taser to always remember Patty by.

Moment of appreciation for Sister Beck. This girl has truly changed my life! She is the most incredible person I know and I KNOW I needed to come to this mission to meet her. I will always be grateful for her. We all need a Sister Beck in our lives.

Have a blessed week!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson

Enjoy pictures of some of my favorite people in Leeds!


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