Hey y’all!

Well this week has sure been a whirlwind! I feel like a million thousand things have happened since I emailed last.

Well Monday night we had a lesson with Q and Kristine! Aaaaand Kristine was in labor. Like we literally had to stop while she was having contractions. So that was an experience.

And then the next day we went to the State Veteran’s home to visit a less active brother and we took Sister Colley so we could sing him the musical number we sang the Sunday before! Well lots of them came and listened and they wanted us to keep singing. The only thing there was a baptist hymnal so we sang the songs out of that that we knew but the words were pretty different so that was a struggle. And then just imagine us sight singing a bunch of baptist hymns we’ve never heard and trying so hard to hold back from laughing. yeah. I’m sure it was quite the sight. That night my favorite people the Bodilys took us to the #1 BBQ place in Alabama called Dreamland that’s in downtown Birmingham! Wow. Those ribs. And that sauce. The south sure knows how to bbq. Then we went and visited the Burchfields and toured and abandoned baptist church so it made for a very southern night!

Wednesday was transfers! Saying goodbye to Sister Beck was super sad. That girl. I will forever be grateful for her. Then I got my cute cute new companion Sister Humphreys! She is such a good missionary and so hilarious! I love her! We had lunch than made the drive the Prattville! It is truly the cutest place! I love it already.

Over the next few days I met some of the greatest people and we had some great lessons and we saw lots of miracles!

On Saturday we were at an apartment complex and we came to a door that said, "I’m Deaf. Please ring bell." So I freaked out. It’s been my dream my whole mission to find a Deaf person to test out my signing skills! But I also got super nervous because I haven’t really signed my whole mission and it has been a while since I’ve actually signed with a Deaf person. So I said a super quick prayer for the gift of tongues (the gift of hands in this case?) and knocked on the door! MIRACLES ARE REAL because it literally all came back to me and we understood each other no problem! It was literally the coolest thing ever!

On Sunday afternoon we had a great lesson with our investigator Steven! We’ve seen him a few times since I’ve been here and it is SO HARD to keep him focused! His friend Joey was there and it was a huge struggle because they were just talking to each other. But then the most amazing thing happened. He told his friend the story of Joseph Smith. I didn’t even know he remembered it and he got it all right! The spirit instantly flooded the room and there was the most amazing change in Steven. He was totally focused and calm and his entire countenance changed. We invited him to baptism and Joey took the bottle he was spitting his chewing tobacco into and said, "if you don’t say yes I’m going to hit you with this. If you know that book is true you NEED to be baptized into that church." Hahahahahaha thanks Joey. We gave Joey a Book of Mormon and Steven was so excited that they will be able to study it together! The spirit is so real and so amazing.

Here’s to more adventures in Prattville! I am so grateful for my mission! This has no question been the greatest year of my life. I’m so excited for what the next 6 months have in store!

All my love,
Sister Oscarson

​These are the cute sisters I came out with! Who wold have ever thought we’d make it one whole year hahaha?!

This is cute Sister Humphreys!


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