One year y’all

Hey y’all!

We had a great week here in Prattville! I’m starting to feel more at home here!

On Wednesday we started out the day volunteering at the community food pantry. It was lots of fun! And then later in the day we ran into the most graceful bible bash I’ve ever experienced. It was pretty funny. And then that evening the elders wanted us to go to a Church of Christ bible study with them that one of their investigators invited them to. So we went of course! It was a super tiny church with probably 10 people there. It started out with singing hymns and people would get up there if there was a song they wanted to sing and lead it for everyone. Of course we didn’t know any of the songs they were singing. But we did find How Firm A Foundation in the hymnal! So the elders literally made me go up there to lead it and I got up there and everyone was giving me these suuuuper weird looks. And then the preacher says, "ma’am, we don’t allow women to lead in our church." …….oh. I had forgotten that in the Church of Christ they don’t let women lead or pray or speak in church. So that was pretty awkward. I sat down and the elders got up there and led it. (they felt soooooo bad afterwards by the way. It was pretty hilarious.) And it was a totally different tune than the one we’re used to. So it totally crashed and burned. But the rest of the bible study was good! It was fun and we met some really really great people.

Thursday was my year mark! So that was freaky. I really don’t know how that happened. That morning Steven called us and he said he was having a super rough time and even the Book of Mormon wasn’t bringing him peace. So we went over there with the elders and they gave him a blessing. It was the coolest thing. He said he felt something he’s never felt before and it brought him SO much comfort. Oh and the next night when we met with him another one of his friends was there and Steven taught the restoration again!

Oh and also for some reason that night Sister Humphreys convinced me to cut her hair… it was stressful and I’m never doing it again to say the very least haha.

Friday we had a great zone conference and afterwards we had a great lesson with Savannah and Cameron who are the cutest 17 year old girls!

On Saturday we went to get the oil changed in our car and while we were waiting we went across the parking lot to some stores to contact people. We were walking out the door of Books-A-Million and Sister Humphreys saw someone she recognized on the other side of the store so we went and talked to him! Her and her past companion had met him before really briefly. We went outside and started talking to him and he had so many amazing questions! We ended up teaching him the whole restoration and he is so amazing! And guess what? He came to church on Sunday and he loved it! Our investigator Chris came too!

Something really cool happened that I forgot to write about last week! There is a less active sister who lives in our apartment complex and we went to visit but she wasn’t there so we left a note for her. While we were writing the note we heard the most BEAUTIFUL piano music coming from the apartment above her. We decided to go knock on the door and meet this person! This woman is named Ann and she is so sweet and has the most gorgeous Steinway that literally takes up like half of her apartment! I think my jaw hit the floor what it saw it. We bonded over piano music haha. We’ve taught her 3 times this week and she is so cool!

Hope y’all have a great week! Happy summer!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson



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