Rain on rain on rain on rain

Hey y’all!

Well. Here we are at the end of another transfer and I have no idea how it happened. It has been such a good transfer and I am so grateful for all the things I’ve learned! For this next transfer I’m training a new missionary here in Prattville and Sister Humphreys is going to Anniston to be in a trio! Prattville is going to be such a great place to train so I’m really excited!

Tuesday morning we went on quite the adventure to Montgomery because we had to go to the Toyota dealership because the check engine light came on in our car so we had to go get it checked out. We got super lost in the depths of Montgomery and y’all… Montgomery is super sketch. Literally it was so fun. But we made it out alive and everything is fixed now!

That afternoon we had interviews with President Sainsbury and I LOVE HIMMMMMM!!! It was such a good interview.

On Wednesday we had another "bible study" with Nick and Friday we had a great last district meeting. I’ve seriously loved our district this transfer. We all bore our testimonies and shared the biggest thing we’ve learned this transfer and the spirit was sooooo strong. I love being a missionary.

That afternoon we were out working and went to the cute water well to fill up our water bottles. It’s right next to the river and there’s always lots of people to talk to there. There was one younger guy that we could tell was different before we even started talking to him. His name is Steven and he just moved here from New York and he is one of those people that is searching for truth and doesn’t even know it! We sat down at a picnic table with him there and taught him and he is amazing! And meanwhile while this was happening a little girl fell into the river and like 4 people jumped in after her and the currents were so strong that none of them could get out.
(This week we got an absolutely insane amount of rain as an effect of the tropical storm on the coast, so there’s been lots of flooding and the river is SUPER high and fast.) So then tons of EMS showed up and got them out. Everyone ended up being perfectly fine thankfully! But even through all the commotion and sirens Steven stayed 100% focused. It was the craziest thing.

Saturday night we went to an apartment complex Sister Humphreys has been wanting to go to for a little while. The first door we went to we were standing on the porch and the car pulled in. It’s always soooooo awkward when that happens. This cute Filipino family got out of the car and invited us right in. THEY ARE THE CUTEST PEOPLE ALIVE and they moved here a month ago. ugh I literally can’t take how cute they were. We were talking to them and the mom made us jam sandwiches and they said, "we need to take a picture to remember this night!" Seriously it made our week.

Sunday was great! Our deaf friend James came to church again and loved it!

Here’s to a new transfer and a new beginning! I love y’all!

All my love,
Sister Oscarson


Crawfish and a Pentecostal bible study

Hey y’all

What a great week here in the ABM! It absolutely flew by. But what else is new?

To start it out on Tuesday we had another great lesson with Dale and we were very very grateful! She is making such great progress!

On Wednesday we spent some time at the food pantry and saw Nicole! She is so awesome and is going to mutual faithfully! She is the cutest thing. ALSO that evening we found another deaf person! So cool, huh?

Remember the Pentecostal church we went to last Sunday? 2 of their members, Nick and Caitlyn, were really excited to meet with us and hear what we had to say. We set up an appointment with them for Thursday at their church and they asked if they could teach us a bible study too. I was like 60% sure we were going to be walking into a bash but it wasn’t at all! We taught them the restoration and they had really really good questions, and then they taught us a little bit about their beliefs! It was really cool and they are the best people ever! AND Nick came to church on Sunday!!! He had really good comments in Sunday school and really liked it.

On Friday morning we went to see Mary! She is the sweetest member who can’t come to church because she’s confined to the nursing home she’s in but she is SO solid! We visit her every week and she is always so excited to hear how our work is going. We got to her room and she got SO excited and said "I’ve been waiting for you and praying that you would come soon!" Turns out the last time we were there after we left one of her nurses started asking her tons of questions about us and was so curious and really wanted us to come to her house! Mary was sooooo excited to give us the referral and feel included in the work!

Saturday we spent some time at cute cute downtown Prattville contacting people. It’s right on the river so there are always tons of people there shopping, eating, and playing in the river. We started talking to 2 guys who were sitting at a table by the river devouring a bucket of crawfish. They were super super nice and invited us to sit down and offered to let us try some. I really liked it and once they realized that they would. not. stop. giving them to me. I literally ate so many. It’s struggle trying to teach the restoration while they just keep handing you crawfish and expecting you to eat all of them haha! When in Alabama I guess!

I am very very grateful for my wonderful companion, this great area, beautiful Alabama, the sweet southern people, and the restored gospel in my life! I couldn’t ask for anything more!

All my love,
Sister Oscarson

Life is sweeter in the south

Hey y’all!

We had a great week this week!

To start off on Tuesday we went over to Nicole’s house and helped her pack for youth conference! We watched the Restoration movie with her and she talked about how she wishes she would have had the church in her life her whole life. She is soooo close!

On Wednesday visited Steven and Rebecca and their brand new baby girl Julianna! She is tiny! They are doing great! We were able to have a really great lesson with Dale, who is a less active sister and it’s really hard to have good lessons with her so we were very grateful! Last week we were out tracting and we started talking to a lady who was sitting on her porch. Then we realized she was on the phone and very annoyed with us… So we asked if we could come beck Wednesday at 4:00. We went back Wednesday at 4:00 totally expecting her to have totally forgotten. BUT she was expecting us!! Turns out her husband met with elders just a few months ago and she was so excited to see us!

Thursday and Friday we went on exchanges and then had district meeting! We have the best district meetings here! The rest of the day was filled with weekly planning and helping one of our favorite less active sisters move into the apartment building next to ours!

Saturday started out super slow. It was super hot and nobody wanted to listen to us. In the afternoon we decided to try and find some less actives. None of them were home and there was one and the house was abandoned. We figured we would knock on a few doors around it and the one right next to it we met a girl named Alicia! That morning she had been praying to know if God is even real. We had a really really great conversation with her and I know that God is so so aware of her! The next door we knocked on was someone named Nick and he was suuuuuper interested in the Book of Mormon! He’s Pentecostal and he invited us to his church’s services the next day! Of course we were going to take the opportunity to go! We went to their Sunday evening services and it was quite the southern experience! Lots of hallelujahs and amens and raising your hands up for Jesus. The members were super super nice and made us feel super welcome! We were like, "wow this is exactly how all members of our church need to be!" Nick is really excited to come to our church now and talk more about the Book of Mormon! That night we visited Nicole and she had the greatest time at youth conference! And I caught a frog in her yard haha! All in a day’s work.

I feel like the theme that kept coming up over and over this week was the reality of the restoration. Joseph Smith really saw what he said he saw! This really is the way Christ’s church was when He was on the earth! It’s an incredible thing that we have a knowledge of this. The world will never be the same because Christ’s gospel was restored.

Have a blessed week!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson

By the obedience of one

Hey y’all!

Yep… it’s definitely summer in Alabama! The humidity and temperatures are climbing and southern summer nights are still my favorite thing in the whole world!

On Wednesday night we were able to have a really great lesson with Jared! Sister Jones, the relief society president came with us and I absolutely adore her! We ended up veering from the original lesson plan and talked about the atonement the whole time. Let me tell you, it was POWERFUL. You could definitely tell that he was feeling something. At the end he prayed for the first time in a long time! It was the greatest prayer ever! He started it out, "dear God… I’m new at this so you’re gonna have to bear with me." Gahhhh it’s these times when I just love being a missionary more than anything!

The most exciting thing that happened this week was that James came to church!!!!! James is the Deaf man I contacted a couple weeks ago when I first got here! We hadn’t even taught him anything, I had just given him a restoration pamphlet. And then later he called us through TTY and told us he wanted to come to church! So I was stressed out of my minddddd and practiced signing sooo much all week. It was amazing because when we were at church it all came back to me even though I haven’t signed in so long! I had forgotten how much I love signing and it felt sooooo good to sign again! The gift of tongues is real and I am so grateful! James loved church! And then during 2nd hour, Nicole, a former investigator who hasn’t been to church in a long time totally surprised us and showed up! And she’s going to youth conference this week!

Here’s a scripture that really struck me recently:
Romans 5:19-
"For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous."

This is talking about Christ and how His obedience to His Father made it possible for us to made clean. Because He chose to be obedient it made all the difference for us! Think about that! Think about the difference one obedient person can make.

Have a blessed week!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson