Rain on rain on rain on rain

Hey y’all!

Well. Here we are at the end of another transfer and I have no idea how it happened. It has been such a good transfer and I am so grateful for all the things I’ve learned! For this next transfer I’m training a new missionary here in Prattville and Sister Humphreys is going to Anniston to be in a trio! Prattville is going to be such a great place to train so I’m really excited!

Tuesday morning we went on quite the adventure to Montgomery because we had to go to the Toyota dealership because the check engine light came on in our car so we had to go get it checked out. We got super lost in the depths of Montgomery and y’all… Montgomery is super sketch. Literally it was so fun. But we made it out alive and everything is fixed now!

That afternoon we had interviews with President Sainsbury and I LOVE HIMMMMMM!!! It was such a good interview.

On Wednesday we had another "bible study" with Nick and Friday we had a great last district meeting. I’ve seriously loved our district this transfer. We all bore our testimonies and shared the biggest thing we’ve learned this transfer and the spirit was sooooo strong. I love being a missionary.

That afternoon we were out working and went to the cute water well to fill up our water bottles. It’s right next to the river and there’s always lots of people to talk to there. There was one younger guy that we could tell was different before we even started talking to him. His name is Steven and he just moved here from New York and he is one of those people that is searching for truth and doesn’t even know it! We sat down at a picnic table with him there and taught him and he is amazing! And meanwhile while this was happening a little girl fell into the river and like 4 people jumped in after her and the currents were so strong that none of them could get out.
(This week we got an absolutely insane amount of rain as an effect of the tropical storm on the coast, so there’s been lots of flooding and the river is SUPER high and fast.) So then tons of EMS showed up and got them out. Everyone ended up being perfectly fine thankfully! But even through all the commotion and sirens Steven stayed 100% focused. It was the craziest thing.

Saturday night we went to an apartment complex Sister Humphreys has been wanting to go to for a little while. The first door we went to we were standing on the porch and the car pulled in. It’s always soooooo awkward when that happens. This cute Filipino family got out of the car and invited us right in. THEY ARE THE CUTEST PEOPLE ALIVE and they moved here a month ago. ugh I literally can’t take how cute they were. We were talking to them and the mom made us jam sandwiches and they said, "we need to take a picture to remember this night!" Seriously it made our week.

Sunday was great! Our deaf friend James came to church again and loved it!

Here’s to a new transfer and a new beginning! I love y’all!

All my love,
Sister Oscarson


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