God bless America

Hey y’all!

So this might be rather short because we had to email at a member’s house and I’m using her ipad and being on a mission for so long has made me super technologically challenged so this is a struggle! I don’t know how missionaries with ipads do it haha.

We had a great 4th of July! I’ve never seen so many confederate flags in my entire life. I love Alabama. Prattville is the greatest ever place for community activities so that’s what we did nearly the whole day and we got to talk to lots and lots of people! In the morning we went to the parade and then to a festival at the park! And there’s nothing like the Alabama heat! That afternoon we had a great lesson with Lee, who was the elder’s investigator who got passed over to us! She is seriously so awesome! After that we had a lesson with Steven who we met last week and he is great too! Then we went to a bbq at our bishop’s house and had some great southern bbq! We ended the night contacting people where they were all waiting for the fireworks to start. God bless America.

Wednesday night we were on our way to a lesson and we passed a street that really really stuck out to me and I knew we needed to go there. The whole lesson I could not get that street off my mind. So afterwards we went there and it was a super long street so I was like "okay I have no idea where to go from here." And Sister Anderson said she felt like new should go to a little side road about a block away. We did and there was a guy standing out by his pickup truck named Jonathan! Turns out he’s met sisters twice before and they lost contact and he’d always wondered why. It was super super cool to see how the spirit works with both of us in the companionship to get us where we need to be!

Thursday was zone conference in Montgomery! Always a good time!

That night we had our last lesson with Nick and Caitlyn. We really love them but they do not have any real intent. I’ve learned SO much about real intent while teaching them. It makes ALL the difference. Real intent means that we intend to act on the answers we’re given. Joseph Smith prayed with real intent and that’s why he was able to get the answer he Got! Anyone who has ever gotten an answer has prayed with real intent.

We had another great lesson with Nicole on Saturday and we seriously love her to pieces!

Have a blessed week y’all!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson



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