Southern food and sweating for Jesus


​Hey y’all!

This week was full of so much good southern food and sweatin for Jesus. This is the life!

Last Monday night we had dinner with Mary Ann and TJ. I feel like this was the week of Mary Ann haha. She’s really starting to pick back up and is doing really well. Plus we just love her!

Tuesday afternoon we took Jannice (she’s 15 and less active/recent convert) with us to see Nicole and we were really excited about it because it was going to be soooo good for her. Nicole wasn’t there so Jannice suggested we go to Mary Ann’s instead and teach the lesson we were going to teach Nicole. So we went over there and we all had the best discussion about the plan of salvation. I learned sooo much! It was the coolest thing.

Wednesday I went on an exchange with Sister Scoleri! I love her soo much. We had so much fun together! We visited a less active who just moved here, Morgan, who turns out is really in our ward boundries. She is so awesome and the sweetest thing! We went to the Millbrook food pantry and got really good at bagging potatoes and making them exactly 4.2 pounds. Mission skills, ya know? Man it’s so fun to be with missionaries you’ve known for a long time.

Thursday we had a great district meeting. I love this district so much! We saw Nicole that afternoon and played a game with her and I think it helped her a lot. Keep praying for that girl. Slow but steady progress.

Friday morning we had interviews with President Sainsbury and they were great as always! I know I always talk about how much I love him but like, really how can I not? Then we went and visited Sister Yow and met her son who was visiting. He is in the military and no joke the most intense person I have ever met in my life. It was scary. It made for such a weird visit haha. That night we went store contacting at a mall and everyone was being so rude and we were getting so discouraged. I literally just got done telling Sister Anderson how discouraged I was (not good I know) and then .5 seconds later this girl just starts talking to us. That NEVER happens. She was soooo nice and we talked for 30 minutes and she was super interested! So that was a huge miracle. God is aware of all of us, my friends.

Sunday after church we visited Morgan and her boyfriend Mike who we are going to start teaching! He is just as awesome as she is! He loves to sing and play the guitar so he put on a little mini concert for us. It was hilarious. It was a great day. All of church was super powerful. I love the sabbath!

Shout out to my comp for being such a champ! She’s been out 3 weeks and you would never guess it and she’s just jumping in to everything feet first! She’s taught me so much. I’m so grateful to be with her!

Have a great week y’all!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson


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