Dollar store miracle and getting attacked by dogs

Hey y’all!

We had such a great week this week! Lots of cool miracles!

Tuesday was Christmas is July and you best believe we celebrated!!! I will not pass up the opportunity to do anything Christmasy. That morning we went on a team up with a young woman in our ward, Daileigh! She is amazing. We saw that cute family we found on the 4th of July, William and Stacy, and taught them the restoration and the spirit was so strong! Their boys are sooooo cute. Then we saw Nicole and had a great lesson with her!

Wednesday us and 6 elders went and did service for a former investigator. Her family owns 4 lots on a corner all together and she takes care of her 96 year old mom so no one has been able to take care of the property.It was pretty much a jungle.
There were 8 of us working for 2 hours and we barely put a dent in it. It was super fun and it’s safe to say all of us were drenched in sweat.

Thursday afternoon we had a lesson with Lee and she opened up to us soooo much like she never has before. it tore my heart in half to hear everything she’s been through. I love her so much.

Saturday was such a good day. We spent the morning in the projects because we had a lesson with a woman named Thomasina. She’s basically super woman because she’s a single mom of 6 kids and works 2 jobs. We had a great lesson with her and she told is she really wants to learn how to build her faith. Well we can help you with that! That afternoon we went to the well to get water and and I told Sister Anderson, "you know it would be really cool if we found Mike here again." And just as we were pulling up and I finished saying that we saw him there! (He’s the one we found a couple weeks ago at the river who was super awesome and then fell off the face of the earth) We had a good lesson with him right there at the well and he was sooooo excited about the Book of Mormon! He said, "my momma would be so proud of me right now!" It was so cute.

Sunday the coolest thing happened. About a week and a half ago Sister Anderson were in Dollar Tree and we found a book called The Pocketguide to the Afterlife so we thought we were really funny and put a Plan of Salvation pamphlet in it and didn’t think anything of it. (I think I sent a picture of it in my email last week) Sunday this 70 year old woman named Linda showed up to church and guess why?! SHE FOUND THAT PAMPHLET AND DECIDED SHE NEEDED TO COME TO CHURCH. She was telling us about it and describing the exact place we left it. We were DYING as she was telling us this. And she LOVED church! God is truly so, so good.

Today was a really good day because some members invited us over to their mansion and we caught catfish and ate them like good southerners do. He trains german shepherds and so he had us all put on a protective sleeve and get attacked by them. So that was fun and terrifying. I hope y’all enjoy the video of me getting completely taken down. BUT THE BEST PART IS my trainer (Sister Griffith, now Sister Steele… weird.) Is here visiting Bama and she and her husband came to Prattville to visit me! It was sooooo good to see her! Also super weird to see her with her husband. Today has been such a great day!

Have a blessed week!
All my love,
Sister Oscarson​icon_10_generic_list.png20170731_093537.jpgx_8px.png



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